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SGS Hanuman from Puttu Gam

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This is an initiative by devotees with the divine blessings of Sri Ganapathy SachchidanandaSwamiji, to support Bhajan Practice and to organise Sankeertana Sessions by devotees all over the World.

Sri Swamiji Says…

You may look at Sri Swamiji’s bhajans as a combination of music and literature. But to me, they are various names of God alone. They are Divya Nama Keertans. It is God’s will to get these divya nama keertans from Swamiji. In fact, Lord Dattatreya himself made these Sankeertans. So, these Bhajans are for you. Anyone can sing these bhajans at any time and at any place without anyone’s permission. After listening these Bhajans either in live performances of Swamiji or through Swamiji’s audio cassettes and CDs, many devotees have expressed their enchanting experiences. It is their faith and power of the Bhajans.

There is an association between the seed letter (Beejaaksharas) and Raagas with the presiding deities. Hence, devotees are encouraged to sing the Bhajans in that particular raga. For some Keertanas, you may not know in which raga Swamiji has sung. So, you can sing those bhajans in whichever raga you are comfortable with. All of you should cultivate the habit of singing, listening and learning God’s name with Love and Compassion. That is a Yogam.

My blessings to everyone. By Lord Datta’s grace, this BHAJANA YOGAM should be fruitful to one and all...."


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